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Vet Tech Institute offers an 18-month program for students seeking the core skills to prepare for entry into the veterinary care field. The curriculum, facilities, on-site kennel, cohort instruction, and experienced faculty are all designed for student success.

The curriculum design builds knowledge and skills to start a veterinary technician career through specific instruction and skills practise sequence. Course content covers a broad range of topics and complies with the AVMA's Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities (CVTEA) standards.

Working hands-on with animals on-site throughout the program is essential to the curriculum. The learning facilities include well-equipped laboratories, surgical suites, animal-friendly classrooms, radiography suites, and on-site kennels.

Our faculty share a passion for animals and teaching, and they bring their industry experience to the classroom. Program-specific faculty and a cohort of peers focused on the same goal provide a focused environment for your training.

Veterinary Technicians, or vet techs, are an important part of the animal health care team. They can support a veterinarian in the same way that the whole medical team supports a human doctor. Thus, a vet tech can be at different times like a nurse, laboratory technician, surgical assistant, radiology technician, dental hygienist, pharmacy technician, patient educator, and even a nutritionist!

The curriculum's focus is on veterinary care for cats and dogs, but it also covers exotics, lab animals, and farm animals. Classes provide plenty of hands-on instruction. You will spend 8 weeks on an externship to practice what you have learned and made industry contacts!

Most courses in the 18-month program directly prepare you with the tools for a successful veterinary technician career.



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