Northern (Arctic) Federal University is a brand new ambitious university of distinctiveness and innovations designed to meet the needs of the Russian North and the Arctic.

Being an educational institution, we make particular emphasis on training competitive top-quality specialists flourishing in the chosen fields of activities. Our University offers wide-ranging and high-quality programmes of higher, postgraduate and vocational education intended to prepare students for success. Apart from that we actively participate in the organization of joint international educational programmes which enable students to go into higher education in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna process.

Being a door-opener to the world of foreign education, the University gives to its students and fellows a unique possibility to gain experience in teaching, studying and research abroad.

In turn, we are warmly-welcoming to international students giving us an invaluable insight into their cultures and traditions. The diverse international community makes NArFU a perfect place to broaden and enrich personal horizons and make friends from all around the world.

Being a promising research platform, our University stands a good chance to become a recognized “manufacturer” of life-changing technologies and innovations in the Arctic region through expanding the range of research activities and strengthening research performance in the Arctic region. To ensure scientific progress NArFU involves in research activities top quality people and cutting-edge technologies cultivate a collaborative partnership with industry, public and private sectors, business and government.

Among other things, Northern (Arctic) Federal University has a great international political significance. We cooperate not only with similar institutions but also develop diplomacy through cooperation between students, teachers, staff communities and specialists.

Our aim is to break barriers within the Arctic intellectual development through peaceful means and in accordance with the existing international agreements.

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Northern (Arctic) Federal University

The area of ​​professional activity of masters: research, production and use of enzymes, viruses, microorganisms, cell cultures of plants and animals ... [+]

The Master program - Industrial Biotechnology and Bioengineering Place of study: Institute of Pure and Applied Chemistry (ITiPH), Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after MV Lomonosov, Arkhangelsk, Russia Education: Master

Qualification of the graduate: Master of engineering and technology The area of professional activity of masters:

research, production and use of enzymes, viruses, microorganisms, cell cultures, plants and animals, and products of their biosynthesis biotransformation; the creation of technologies for the production of new products, including products obtained using microbial synthesis, biocatalysis, gene engineering and nanobiotechnology; the development of scientific and technical documentation and technical regulations for the production of biotechnological products; the implementation of biotechnological processes and production in accordance with the legislative and regulatory compliance of national and international regulations; organization and carrying out quality control of raw materials, intermediate products and finished products. ... [-]
Russia Arkhangelsk
September 2020
2 years
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Northern (Arctic) Federal University