Escuela Superior de Oftalmología, Instituto Barraquer de América


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The Higher School of Ophthalmology is a private university institution, founded by the Barraquer Institute of America, committed to the principles of the "Barraquer School of Ophthalmology", manifested in the knowledge, deepening and evolution in the ophthalmological field, in the quality of the surgical technique and its aesthetics, where scientific curiosity and the question of why, is constant in their professional practice, with a patient-doctor relationship of mutual respect and trust, where the patient is offered the latest technology to improve their condition, focusing their actions on it and on a full, ethical, responsible and high quality professional practice.

As a university institution, it develops the substantive functions of teaching, research and extension or social projection, as an effective means for the full realization of man, with a view to configuring a more just, balanced, inclusive and autonomous society.

It tends for the transmission of knowledge, discoveries and scopes of Ophthalmological Science; the link to the international life of science and culture, proposing solutions that lead to raising the different levels of research, study, teaching and dissemination of this science.



Avenida Calle 100 No. 18 A- 51. Bogotá DC, Colombia.
Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia

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