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11 Master Programs in Mental Health 2024



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Master Programs in Mental Health

Earning a master’s degree usually takes between two to four years and may help students prepare for more advanced careers in a chosen field. It is earned after a student has already obtained an undergraduate degree.

What is a Master in Mental Health? This subject seeks to explain the thoughts and behaviors that influence the psychological well-being of people. The goal of an advanced degree in mental health is to provide students with foundational understanding of mental health through advanced research, clinical preparation and theory analysis. Common coursework may include professional ethics, psychopathology, substance-abuse intervention, human development, child psychology, abnormal psychology and other related topics.

Mental health is a complex field of study, which leads many students in this type of degree program to gain a multitude of skills. They often develop strong professional and personal relationships by learning interpersonal communication skills and creative problem-solving abilities. Students also tend to hone research and analytical skills.

The total cost of a graduate degree program may be offset by scholarships, financial aid, work-study programs and other factors. Other influences may include the length of the degree program, the type of school offering the degree and the location. Students are encouraged to contact potential schools directly for the most current information.

Mental health careers tend to span a variety of environments, from public schools to social service agencies. Having an advanced degree in the field of mental health can increase the number and type of careers a student may consider. Many students go on to work as licensed professional counselors, clinical therapists, child protective services workers, and rehabilitation specialists.

A master’s degree can be earned at numerous universities around the globe. You may also consider earning this degree online through one of many distance-learning courses. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.