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International University of Monaco

International University of Monaco

International University of Monaco


The international university of MONACO is a private institution of higher education founded in 1986 in the principality of MONACO.

Its program portfolio includes Bachelor, Master of Science, MBA, and DBA degrees. It focuses mainly on those areas of expertise closely associated with Monaco: the management of high value-added service activities, especially in the luxury and finance sectors. This approach has allowed IUM to differentiate itself and achieve continuous growth, with student enrollment figures increasing from 300 students in 2010 to 650 in 2021. Integration within the INSEEC Group, the French leader in private higher education, has undoubtedly contributed to this evolution.

Notwithstanding this growth, IUM remains an intimate, human-scale business school with a profoundly multicultural outlook. With more than 70 different nationalities in its student body, IUM encourages interactions and exchanges among students from around the world.

Inspired and guided by its mission, IUM has set specific objectives that characterize its vision of its future and of the role it intends to play within its environment:

  1. To be recognized locally and internationally as a point of reference in the business and academic communities in high-value service activities, especially in Luxury Management, Hospitality & Event Management, and Financial Services.
  2. To be a significant player in the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development in the Luxury, Hospitality, and Financial Services sectors.
  3. To contribute significantly to the attractiveness of Monaco and to be a flagship institution within the Principality.
  4. To promote an innovative pedagogical approach that broadens the classroom boundaries by mobilizing project-based and experiential learning directly with a host of organizations.
  5. To prepare and train highly sought-after practitioners in Luxury, Hospitality, and Financial Services, hired at graduation, and to establish an influential and active alumni network that is a source of added value to firms in these areas.

Mission Statement

  • IUM educates highly skilled and responsible business leaders from all over the world in the fields of high-value activities, particularly in Luxury, Hospitality, and Financial Services.
  • IUM offers outstanding teaching in its small, connected, stimulating, cross-cultural environment fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, collaborative work, experiential learning, and mutual understanding among students, faculty, and staff.
  • IUM stands for educational quality through research devoted to the advancement and dissemination of management knowledge in high-value activities to improve managerial practices. It conducts its research activities in close connection with the local and international business community, encouraging innovation, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable development.
  • IUM contributes to the internationalization of the academic institution to which it belongs, OMNES Education, and to the Principality of Monaco’s attractiveness and dynamism.


  • To be recognized locally and internationally as a benchmark in the business and academic communities in high-value adding services, notably in Luxury Management; Hospitality and Events Management; and Financial Services; for education at the graduate and postgraduate level; and for research in these areas.
  • To be a significant player in the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development in Luxury, Hospitality, and Financial Services.
  • To contribute significantly to the attractiveness of Monaco.

Key Figures

  • +680 Students
  • +70 Nationalities
  • 30 Students per Class
  • 600 Events in Monaco per Year

A Strong Emphasis on Experiential Learning

At IUM, students can apply their academic learning outside of their day-to-day learning environment in a real business context.

The experiential learning approach characterizes the entire curriculum, emphasizing applications, real-world examples, and case studies.

This approach offers students the opportunity to work on concrete, topical challenges given to them by companies and be actively involved with relevant company executives in strategic decision-making and recommendations, usually during business competitions, internships, and team-based projects study trips organized within the program.

Visa Requirements


If you are a non-EU citizen, you will need to apply for a visa at the Consulate of France (or Embassy of France or Visa Center) of your country of residence as soon as you are admitted to IUM.

Monaco doesn’t have its own visa services; all applications go through the French consular authorities.

Important: it may take a while to get an appointment, so this is an administrative procedure that you need to start taking care of as soon as possible. Our Student Services office will be happy to guide you through this process, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Which visa you apply for depends on the country where you decide to live.

Look carefully at the housing offers before deciding which visa to go for.

  • If you choose to live in Monaco, you will need to apply for a Long stay Student visa.
  • If you choose to live in France, you will need to apply for a Long Stay Visitor Visa called VLS-TS type D visitor. This visa allows you to reside in France and study in Monaco.

5 Steps

  • Check if you need a visa.
  • Before making an appointment with the French Consulate/Embassy, contact the Student Services office so we can give you all the information and supporting documents you will need.
  • Once you have talked to one of our student services officers, locate the closest Consulate/Embassy to make an appointment.
  • There will be several documents to bring to your appointment, which will be detailed during the visa application process.
  • Upon arrival, you will have 3 months to go to the immigration office (Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration – OFII) and get your passport stamped. We will help you with this step once you arrive at IUM.


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