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27 Associate of Science Programs in Health Care Nursing Studies 2024



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Associate of Science Programs in Health Care Nursing Studies

An associate of science degree is earned by students who complete a two year program in science or technical fields. It is designed to prepare students to achieve a bachelor’s degree in the future. It can fulfill general education requirements while you decide on a specific career path.

What is an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing? It is a degree focused on courses in nursing, anatomy and physiology, along with other social and behavioral science classes. Most of the curriculums required for an associate’s degree in nursing also mandate professionally observed clinical experience. Customarily earned at a community college or nursing school, students that complete this degree are often qualified to take nursing board examinations and can apply to become a licensed registered nurse.

An associate of science degree in nursing can turn into immediate career opportunities. It can increase your career options while only requiring a two-year commitment. Most programs also offer lower tuition rates than four-year programs and allow you to transfer credits toward a bachelor’s degree.

The range of tuition for an associate of science degree in nursing is very broad. The main variables are the type of school and where the program is offered. Earning a degree from a community college is much less expensive than getting it from a private university. It can also be more affordable to take classes online.

There are an abundance of career options for someone with an associate of science degree in nursing. Typically people with this degree will get jobs in hospitals, nursing homes and residential care facilities or doctor’s offices. There are also job options for those looking for a less demanding career. You can work for insurance carriers, social services or for various government agencies. Public health care centers and emergency care facilities are other options that may allow for a more flexible schedule.

Earning an associate of science degree in nursing can be a smart career move. With a variety of programs offered, earning your degree can be relatively simple. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.