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Program Description

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  • Type of education: Face-to-face.
  • Number of new entry places offered: 25
  • Total credits: 60
  • Languages taught: Spanish.
  • Indicative price: 45.02 euros per credit (for Spaniards, community foreigners and those who have legal status as residents in Spain) and 84.07 euros per credit for other students.
  • Master's Scholarship: see relevant information here .


The Master's Degree in Biostatistics has an interdisciplinary character and will be taught in collaboration with the Faculty of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Nursing, Physiotherapy and Podiatry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Biostatistics Unit of the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital.


Academic year 2020-21

Course 1

Code Subject Character Credits Offered
608535 Survival Analysis Mandatory 6.0 Yes
608533 Bayesian Statistics Mandatory 6.0 Yes
608532 Evidence Mandatory 6.0 Yes
608531 Research Methodology and Design Mandatory 6.0 Yes
608534 Mixed Applied Models Mandatory 6.0 Yes
608529 Prabability and Simulation Mandatory 6.0 Yes
608536 Specialization Seminars Mandatory 6.0 Yes
608530 Database Management Software Mandatory 6.0 Yes
608537 End of Master's Project End of Master's Project 12.0 Yes


The University Master's Degree in Biostatistics is directed towards the student's specialization in Statistics in the field of Health and Life Sciences, both in their academic training and in their research training.

  • Forming biostatistics with a strong methodological base in Statistics and Probability.
  • Competent in the use of statistical packages and development of new software.
  • With a versatile training in the disciplines of Health and Life Sciences.
  • Trained to be the professionals responsible for the statistical activity that involves a study in Health and Life Sciences.


The profile of the student who wishes to access the University Master's Degree must correspond, preferably, to that of a university graduate with a solid background in Statistics. Graduates in the areas of Health Sciences or Sciences, with professional or research concerns in Biostatistics, will also be considered suitable.

Why study this master?

The Master's Degree in Biostatistics aims to provide the appropriate bases for future professionals and researchers to acquire a solid methodological training, so that they can develop and apply the tools of Statistics to Biology, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy and, in general, to all fields related to Health and Life Sciences.

  • This Master's Degree is aimed at professional specialization and promoting initiation in research tasks, therefore it trains the graduate to access the world of work both in the public administration (official public health agencies, research centers, hospitals, etc.) and in the private sector (pharmaceutical industry, research institutes, consulting companies, etc.).
  • The graduates of this Master's Degree are prepared to develop a doctoral thesis in the biostatistical field.

Admission requirements for masters

Non-enabling university masters

  • Be in possession of any of the following titles:
    • Spanish official university degree .
    • Title issued by an institution of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and empowering in the country of issue for access to Master's education.
    • Title of educational systems outside the EHEA that empowers in the country of issuance for access to Master's education, homologated or declared equivalent to the degree and academic level of Degree or Degree by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training . In case of lacking the mentioned homologation or equivalency, it will be necessary to have authorization or access permission granted by this University.
  • Or be carrying out studies leading to the obtaining of any of the previous degrees during the course in which the pre-registration is carried out and be in a position to prove the obtaining of the same before the date established in the corresponding call (see href = "https: // ).
  • In addition, students from foreign educational systems, whose mother tongue is different from Spanish, must prove level B2 of the Spanish language (or higher) .
  • Specific requirements that any of the requested masters may have. You can consult it by accessing the website of the Master itself.
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