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With a 100% job placement rate, small class sizes, and the best value in Maine, Husson University’s PharmD program has what you need to succeed in the country’s third largest health profession.

Our four-year Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program is dedicated to providing each student with personal attention, high-quality clinical experiences, access to state-of-the-art learning environments and interprofessional learning opportunities to ensure you are ready to meet the demands of the career path you choose.

Husson offers the lowest net price of any NEASC accredited private college or university in Maine. And, over $400,000 in scholarships and grants are awarded annually to Pharmacy students.

Clinical Experiences

“Rotation sites for our fourth-year pharmacy student are plentiful, clinically diverse and action-packed. This enables any hard-working student to transition from student-pharmacist to licensed practitioner in today's dynamic job market.”

- Conrad Dhing, Ph.D., Assistant Dean, Student Academic Affairs, School of Pharmacy

Husson’s School of Pharmacy places a high emphasis on delivering clinical experiences that prepare students for practice in a wide variety of settings. By the time a student finishes the PharmD program, they will have completed a minimum of 36 weeks of clinical work in addition to hours of on-campus interprofessional experiential learning opportunities.

The program taps into a robust network of community and alumni connections across the healthcare industry and new opportunities are continuously added. A dedicated Manager of Quality Assurance in Experiential Education works with every student to ensure they are placed in clinical sites that give them well-rounded and enriching experiences that relate to their career goals.


Husson’s School of Pharmacy has 25,000 sq.ft. of recently renovated classroom, laboratory, and simulation space. Adjoining science labs and experiential learning spaces used by various health programs provide abundant opportunities for interprofessional learning. The program also has 2,000 sq.ft. of dedicated research facility space at the University’s state-of-the-art research and education center.


The School of Pharmacy has seven dedicated classrooms that accommodate a wide range of class sizes and learning modes. Each room is outfitted with flexible furniture and new technology suitable for lectures, group discussions, presentation delivery, and hands-on learning exercises.

Cognitive Skills Laboratory

The program’s cognitive skills laboratory, which includes an adjoining patient/counseling assessment room, is designed for students to practice interacting with patients in a realistic practice setting. Here, students learn how to work with patients to create treatment plans, provide dosing/delivery consultation, and more.

Dispensing Laboratory

In the School of Pharmacy’s dispensing laboratory, students practice using actual equipment and specifications used in working laboratories to prepare IV treatments and create compounds in a sterile environment.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Laboratory

The program’s Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Laboratory is a hands-on learning environment where students are introduced to investigative approaches and laboratory methods that are used in contemporary pharmaceutical sciences research.

Husson University Research and Education Center

The Husson University Research and Education Center is a state-of-the-art facility where students work closely with faculty to conduct research using the latest high-end equipment. The School of Pharmacy has 2,000 sq.ft. of dedicated space, but the program regularly participates in interprofessional learning activities with many other health-related programs.

School of Pharmacy Information

  • 8:1 Small student-faculty ratio – Husson University School of Pharmacy has one of the lowest student-faculty ratio, which is 8:1. This allows students to receive individualized attention from the professors in the classroom and at their experiential sites.
  • $$$ Scholarship opportunities and competitively priced tuition – Husson University School of Pharmacy offers over $150,000 in scholarships each year. Some of the scholarships are renewable for students who maintain a 3.00 cumulative GPA. In addition, Husson University offers one of the lowest priced tuition for private pharmacy schools across the country. The cost of tuition (2015-6) is under $35,000/year.
  • 80%+ Graduates employed in their field – Majority of graduates from Husson University School of Pharmacy were able to secure job offers as pharmacists at our career fair each year. Employers at the career fair include all the major chain pharmacies, grocery stores, mass merchandisers and local area clinics and hospitals.
  • Hands-on learning – Students at Husson University School of Pharmacy receive continuous hands-on learning from in-class laboratory activities, at their experiential rotations, and through numerous student organization activities. Husson University was listed by the U.S. News & World Report (2014) as one of the Top 10 colleges and universities in the nation for “Highest Rate of Student Internships”.
  • You’ll learn from the best – The faculty at Husson University School of Pharmacy are nationally recognized and are some of the nation’s leading experts in the field of epilepsy, cancer and wound healing research.
  • Opportunities in biomedical and pharmaceutical research – Students at Husson University work with world-class faculty and researchers in biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences at the Marshall Road Laboratory, a state-of-the-art research laboratory in Bangor. Additional research opportunities are available in social sciences, especially in the provision and access of health care services for the underserved population in rural Maine.
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At Husson University, it’s all about you. You won’t be lost in a crowd. You’ll learn from professors who care about you. You’ll learn hands-on, earning a degree and skills that will prepare you for a ... Read More

At Husson University, it’s all about you. You won’t be lost in a crowd. You’ll learn from professors who care about you. You’ll learn hands-on, earning a degree and skills that will prepare you for a rewarding, successful career. Best of all, Husson’s reputation for a first-class education and affordability mean you’ll be making a smart investment. Husson University... our mission is your success. Read less