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Program Description

This program lasts for two academic years, during which students will acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The purpose of the master is to provide clinicians with necessary means for a correct diagnostic and operative approach to orthodontic cases. Students will be drawn into modern orthodontics from the diagnosis to the post orthodontic procedures and will have the chance to get in contact with the most modern techniques and technologies.

The Master main partners are: Istituto Stomatologico Toscano and Istituto Giuseppe Cozzani

The Professional Master is qualified as Science due to its technical and scientific characteristics.

UniCamillus divides the teaching proposal of First and Second level Professional Masters and  Specialization Courses as follows:

  • Science: courses characterized by a purely technical and scientific approach.
  • Plus: courses characterized by a multidisciplinary approach also containing elements and managerial and non-medical-surgical subjects.
  • Experience: the courses mentioned above with high and particular experiential activities of training and internships in specialized structures. 


  • Lectures will be held at the Istituto Giuseppe Cozzani.
  • The practical Hands-on and the internship will be held at the Istituto Giuseppe Cozzani.

Final Certification and Formative Credits: All candidates who have completed the planned training and passed the final exam will receive a second level Master’s Degree in Orthodontics with the assignment of 120 credits (CFU)

Duration: The Master’s program lasts 24 months and includes a total time of 3.000 hours, divided into:

  • Practical activity and lectures and seminars
  • Internship (750 hours)
  • Study and individual preparation activities including the preparation of the final exam

Start dates and application deadline 

The master has several start dates. The online version is structured as follows: 

Attendance mode: Attendance is mandatory for at least 75% of the total hours of the Master.

For frontal lectures and seminars (unless otherwise communication) a commitment of 6 sessions of approximately 8 days is foreseen for the entire duration of the Master. The total hours of training will be scheduled in accordance with the host structure. 

Places available: A minimum number of 10 students is required to activate the Master. Below the threshold of 10 UniCamillus can unilaterally decide not to activate the Master (with the return of any participation fees already paid). The maximum number of students is 30.

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The Master aims to implement a rational diagnostic approach and formulate a correct treatment plan, providing the basis for an orthodontic treatment that uses the latest technologies, deepening the knowledge of the problems inherent in the various stages of growth, from early childhood to adulthood, up to the treatment of cases that need orthognathic surgery and that takes due account of the functional and aesthetic implications. Knowledge about relapses and their prevention will be deepened.

The educational objective of the Master is to develop specialized knowledge on the design and execution of treatment plans taking into account a correct diagnosis and using the latest orthodontic techniques.

The Master is qualified as Science for its technical and scientific characteristics. 

Career opportunities

Those who will obtain the 2nd level Master in Orthodontics will be able, independently of the laws in force in the various countries, to carry out their professional activity autonomously at private health facilities, in a dependent or free professional regime. 

Methodology and educational program

The Master has a theoretical-practical approach aimed at providing learning on the correct diagnosis, treatment plan, and on the various orthodontic treatment techniques of growing patients (both in the prepubertal and adolescent phase), adults also with periodontal problems. The courses carried out within the Istituto Giuseppe Cozzani aim to provide basic theoretical and methodological knowledge and consist of lectures and practical laboratory activities

The Master’s program includes the following teaching modules:

  • Module 1 (5 CFU): Diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Module 2 (8 CFU): Orthodontic techniques 1
  • Module 3 (4 CFU): Orthodontic techniques 2
  • Module 4 (1 CFU): Orthodontic records
  • Module 5 (1 CFU): Orthodontics and pediatric dentistry
  • Module 6 (1CFU): Growth and development
  • Module 7 (2 CFU): Orthodontic early treatment
  • Module 8 (1 CFU): 3d technologies
  • Module 9 (1 CFU): Head and neck anatomy
  • Module 10 (3 CFU): Orthodontic techniques 3
  • Module 11 (2 CFU): Orthognathic surgery
  • Module 12 (2 CFU): Orthodontic techniques 4
  • Module 13 (6 CFU): Orthodontic skeletal anchorage
  • Module 14 (1 CFU): Orthodontic literature
  • Module 15 (1 CFU): Orthodontic biomaterials
  • Module 16 (2 CFU): Osas and orthodontics
  • Module 17 (7 CFU): Adult orthodontic treatment
  • Module 18 (1 CFU): Management of complex cases
  • Module 19 (1 CFU): Lingual orthodontics
  • Module 20 (3 CFU): Temporomandibular disorders
  • Module 21 (2 CFU): Orthodontics and periodontics
  • Module 22 (1 CFU): Post orthodontic procedures
  • Module 23 (1 CFU): Orthodontic and prosthetic dentistry
  • Module 24 (3 CFU): Orthodontic aligners

Encounter dates:



















MASTER ORTHO c/o IStituto Giuseppe Cozzani



MASTER ORTHO c/o Bologna Cozzani



MASTER ORTHO c/o IStituto Giuseppe Cozzani



MASTER ORTHO c/o IStituto Giuseppe Cozzani







Main speakers

  • Giovanni Biondi
  • Maria Giacinta Paolone
  • Jovana Juloski
  • Roberto Kaitsas
  • Sabrina Mutinelli
  • Daniela Lupini
  • Paolo Biondi
  • Ugo Covani

Admission and selection criteria

One of the following degree titles are requested to be admitted to the Master (or nearing completion by the deadline for enrollment in the Master)

  • Master’s degree and/or specialist degree in dentistry and dental prosthesis
  • Master’s degree and/or specialist degree in medicine and surgery with specialization in odontostomatology or qualification for the practice of dentistry
  • Laurea Magistrale in Medicina e Chirurgia

Other candidates who can also apply:

  • Candidates in possession of an Academic Degree equivalent to those listed above obtained in a foreign University.
  • Candidates in possession of an Academic Degree obtained abroad and equivalent in duration and content to those listed above. The University reserves the right to admit candidates with different qualifications but relevant to the Master’s course.

Procedures and terms for application

The application must be received, signed and written on plain paper, as well as written clearly and legibly, using the form available on the site, by the date of 10/11/2020:

  • With hand delivery to the University (Monday to Friday 9 to 13.)
  • Registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt at the address: Scuola post-laurea – UniCamillus University – Via di Sant’Alessandro 8 – 00131 Roma
  • Certified email at the email address: (please specify the name of the Master you wish to attend)

The following documents must be attached to the application:

  • Curriculum vitae et studiorum European format, dated and signed;
  • Copy of an identity card;
  • Any other academic titles that the candidate wish to submit for the admission;
  • Declaration of having read the above information relating to personal data pursuant to art. 13 and 14 in accordance with European legislation (EU) 2016/679;
  • Photocopy of fiscal code or health insurance card (for Italian citizens and foreigners in possession of it);
  • For candidates in possession of equivalent qualifications to those required: declaration in lieu of certification pursuant to art. 46 of D.P.R.28/12/2000,n. 445, certifying the achievement of the aforementioned securities in accordance with current legislation;
  • Candidates holding an academic qualification obtained in a foreign country must submit the “Declaration of studies abroad” using the form available on the website. Within 2 months from the start of the Master, candidates must deliver the original of the official translation into Italian of the full legalization qualifications and of the Declaration of Value issued by the Italian embassy or by the Italian consulate general responsible for the territory to the students’ secretariat. in the country where the title was produced.


The participation fee is 13.000 euros per academic year, grand total of 26.000 euros to be paid in 9 intervals of the same:

  • 13 february 2021 € 2,500 + Registration 
  • 13 March 2021 € 2,500
  • 13 April 2021 € 3,000
  • 13 June 2021 € 3,000
  • 13 September 2021 € 3,000
  • 13 November 2021 € 3,000
  • 13 January 2022 € 3,000
  • 13 March 2022 € 3,000
  • 13 May 2022 €3,000

If the candidate does not make the payment within the time specified by UniCamillus he will lose the right to enroll / participate

Last updated Nov 2020

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