Master in Comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry and Hospital Online


Program Description

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  1. Affective area
  2. I try to trust and collaborate with teachers.
  3. Favorable attitude and ability to work in a team.
  4. Critical attitude towards the novelties of pediatric dental information, trying to detect what is objective and scientific.
  5. Promote the importance of pediatric dental care.
  6. Appropriate attitude towards child patients to be treated.
  7. Acquire a professional ethic for the practice of this specialty.

Cognitive area

  1. Obtain the necessary knowledge to diagnose and propose a treatment plan and a preventive plan for pediatric dentistry.
  2. Know the conservative and surgical dental therapeutic techniques in the pediatric patient.
  3. Know the techniques of managing the child's behavior in the consultation.
  4. Know the principles that govern the administration of drugs in pediatric dentistry, as well as their indications and method of use.
  5. Know how to act in the face of emergencies that may occur in childhood patients.
  6. Know how to act in the face of other situations that may occur in child patients.

Psychomotor and audiovisual area

  1. Practice diagnostic techniques, prevention and different treatments on the patient.
  2. Integrate digital photography systems and computer programs for the presentation and monitoring of clinical cases into daily clinical practice.
  3. Join the pediatric dental scientific community by actively participating in courses, conferences and the Annual Pediatric Pediatric Meeting.
  4. Preclinical and theoretical teaching practice in collaboration with the teachers of the master for undergraduate students.


The oral health of infants, children and adolescents influences the general health of the child population and, in the future, that of the adult population. Therefore, it is important that there are dentists prepared to prevent and solve the most frequent oral problems in the pediatric population.

At the International University of Catalonia we train professionals with a clear objective: to become specialists in the diagnosis, prevention and solution of the most frequent oral problems in the pediatric population, with the complement of theoretical and practical learning.

The Master in Pediatric Dentistry focuses on new technological advances applied to therapeutics, to improve patient health. Surgery, interceptive orthodontics and behavior management are part of the educational program, and thus complete the comprehensive treatment of the child.

Academic accreditation

Master's Degree in Comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry and Hospital Online: 120 ECTS


Syllabi and subjects

Course subjects 1

  • Clinic
  • Pediatric Pediatric Research
  • Case Method
  • Research Protocol (Transv. Inv.)
  • Preclinical Practice
  • Theoretical Seminar I

Course 2 subjects

  • Clinic II
  • Pediatric Pediatric Research II
  • Case Method II
  • Theoretical Seminar II
  • End of Master's Project (Transv. Inv.)


The Master in Pediatric Dentistry is a program with a significant clinical workload. It is mandatory to have the material detailed below for the correct operation of the program.

To access the master the student must bring:

  • Digital photographic camera, with macro lens and ring flash.
  • Laptop (PC or Apple).
  • PowerPoint or Keynote presentation programs.
  • Rotating material: turbine and Midwest type adapter (M4) 4 outlets (*), contra-angle, handpiece, micromotor.

(*) In the case of the adapter, please confirm model and compatibility.

Requirements and admission

Admission request

Pre-registration from the month of January.

If you are interested in taking the Master you must follow the following steps:

  1. Fill in the registration form that you must request from
  2. Deliver or send by mail to the Faculty of Dentistry the documentation detailed in the corresponding section (Required documentation)

Required documentation

  1. Pre-registration sheet duly formed.
  2. 1 certified copy of the corresponding bachelor's degree (with original certification).
  3. 1 Academic Certificate of the qualifications (original or certified photocopy).
  4. 1 photocopy of the National Identity Document (DNI) or passport.
  5. Payment by bank transfer of € 90 and delivery of proof of payment. (Except UIC Graduate Alumni).
  6. Two passport-size color photographs (no copies are possible).
  7. Curriculum vitae.
  8. Letter of recommendation (optional).
  9. Negative certificate from the Central Registry of sex offenders.
  10. Vaccination certificate attesting that they are vaccinated with Hepatites A and B, Tetanus, Triple Viral and that they have passed chickenpox.

Candidates in the last year of the course must provide a list of the qualifications available to them until the date of registration.

For students from outside the European Union, both the qualifications and the bachelor's degree must be legalized through the diplomatic channel or must bear the Hague apostille. (No homologated title is required) and translated into Spanish by a legal translator.

Admission criteria

  1. Personal interview: The personal interview will be carried out with the Director and the Coordinator of the Master. Academic merits, teamwork ability and professional experience will be valued.
  2. Psychotechnical test: The psychotechnical test will last approximately between 20 and 30 '. It is done to appreciate the capabilities or aptitudes of each candidate.

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Scholarships and funding

Seat reservation

  1. People who have been accepted into the corresponding postgraduate program will receive a letter of admission conditioned to the payment of an amount as a place reservation (approximately 20% of the amount of the program).
  2. The reservation of place must be made effective through the admission, within the term established in the communication of the admission.
  3. Once the place reservation has been formalized in the indicated way, if a person does not comply - according to state or regional legislation in force at any time - the admission requirements for the course, does not have the required degree, or the course does not arrive To formalize registrations due to lack of registrations, the UIC would fully refund the amount of the space reservation.
  4. If the student, of their own free will, waives the course for any reason, the UIC will fully endorse the amount received as a place reservation as compensation for the damages caused.
  5. If the student does not make the reservation of place effective, it will be understood that he renounces the place, so that from that moment he empowers the UIC to cancel and void the place request made.
  6. The student must satisfy all enrollment within the deadlines established by the UIC. Failure to do so, having been admitted, will be understood to resign, following the provisions of points 4 and 5 above.
  7. If the student had satisfied the total amount of the enrollment and renounced his place, he will act as follows:
    • If you do it before the start of the academic year, you will have the right to request a refund of 80% of the amount paid, provided that this place can be filled by another student.
    • In no case will the tuition amount be refunded if the student communicates his intention to resign the place once the activity has started.


Once the official registration is formalized, the student will have 10 business days to settle the remaining amount of registration, in a single payment.


Special prices for UIC Alumni.

Last updated May 2020

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