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The medical school of FASM aims to form general practitioners humanized, updated, globalized and knowledgeable of the best scientific evidence.

Has founded his training in the values ​​of the institutions Santa Marcelina who have respect for others, hospitality, high performance and critical learning as indispensable features professional and human formation.

The course has a modular, six-month curriculum that covers the formal disciplines needed to complete medical training, plus curricular innovations focused on Health Management, Introduction to Scientific Research, Evidence Based Medicine and curricular integration of the Doctors of Joy, reinforcing the humanizing face of the teaching proposal. The student has since the first half contact with the community in which the FASM is inserted through the discipline of Family Medicine and Community, which promotes their integration to the Community. Participate actively in the prevention and promotion programs in health higher incidence and prevalence of conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, among others, arousing the curiosity in seeking resolutions to the "problems" found.

The course uses the hybrid model, with traditional moments associated with Curriculum, in which case the aim is to bring events of the day-to-day that can be solved with content presented in the classroom in order to make the student realize the importance to get to know And propose solutions from the acquired knowledge.


The Medical School Santa Marcelina has such a big difference to their origin, based on the perception of the medical community and teachers of the institution which over time have shown the need to provide medical education with holistic view of the patient, focused on prevention and promotion of health.

  • Approved course with maximum score for MEC
  • Faculty of the institution, mostly teachers and doctors with extensive experience in teaching, mentoring and research
  • Training camp in the largest General Hospital in the east side of the City of São Paulo, Santa Marcelina Hospital, with 706 beds able to watch an estimated population of 2,500,000 inhabitants, the various medical specialties and 45 medical residency programs and professional development
  • One of the biggest health programs of Brazil's Family
  • Teaching structure with laboratories and classrooms equipped
  • Upgraded teaching model, based on principles of a mixed methodology Active learning system
  • Performance in outreach activities with multidisciplinary approach and early student contact with the community and throughout their training

Job market

In addition to providing an eclectic training, which will enable the future egress to improve in various branches of medicine, FASM has the axis of the medical generalist view.

Even with the existence of an important network services installed today is clearly visible in everyday social assistance the lack of qualified medical professionals to work and act in a different reality presented in the central hubs of large cities. In Study Group Management and Personnel Recovery is estimated that about 50% of the positions offered to doctors in Primary Care Health are not met. In the Family Health Program the rate reaches 30% at the eastern end of the city.

The importance of entering courses to act in this reality reveals itself as a strong tool to qualify and include professionals in the area, familiar with the local regional health situation, since the geographic distribution of teaching tools do not favor AREAS more extreme.

From this perspective, it is guaranteed employment for young graduates in the region and its greater professional identity with locoregional characteristics, reflecting a social impact by the Primary Health Care, in addition to meeting the Acceleration Program of development of the sector, proposed by the Ministry of Health .

Last updated Mar 2020

About the School

A FASM concretiza sua missão formando profissionais competentes para o desenvolvimento de atividades científicas, tecnológicas, artísticas, culturais, políticas e sociais.

A FASM concretiza sua missão formando profissionais competentes para o desenvolvimento de atividades científicas, tecnológicas, artísticas, culturais, políticas e sociais. Read less
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