Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Program Description

BScN The main objective of the program is to train professional pluripotent Nurses of General Nursing Science in order to become capable to contribute in the prevention and restoration of the health of people of all ages, as well as the maintenance and promotion of human health and wellness. The program’s students are able to obtain theoretical and laboratory knowledge of high caliber as well as advanced clinical skills that enable them to practice their profession independently or in collaboration with other healthcare professionals in Cyprus and all EU countries.

Approval of the Nursing Degree by the European Commission

The Nursing Degree at European University Cyprus is recognized by the European Commission as an approved program, covered by Directive 2005/36/EC on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications between the Member States. Graduate Nurses with the B.Sc. degree in Nursing from European University Cyprus, are therefore able to exercise their profession in all European Union member states.

Registration with the Cyprus Council of Nurses and Midwives

Graduates of the European University Cyprus "Nursing" program are eligible to register with the Nurses and Midwives Registry through application to the Cyprus Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Objectives & Outcomes

General Objectives

  • To develop the student’s capacity to think, write and speak effectively and creatively;
  • To develop an appreciation of and respect for social, moral and ethical values as the foundation of one’s relationship to others and one’s responsibilities to the community;
  • To develop the students analytical, decision-making and communication competencies together with those qualities of self-reliance, responsibility, integrity, and self-awareness which will promote personal achievement and contribution to organizations;
  • To build breadth of perspective through the general education requirements and provide sufficient specialization to meet basic professional and career requirements;
  • To provide the student with the necessary requirements for academic and/or career advancements

Specific Objectives

The main objectives of the Program are the provision, to the students, of the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge, the learning and acquisition of skills and development of proficiencies and attitudes, so as upon graduation to be able to:

  • Efficiently, safely and professionally provide top quality nursing care, on a patient-to-patient basis, in public and/or private hospitals, in Cyprus and abroad, always with the adoption of ethically correct attitudes.
  • Provide nursing care services to families with an ill member, independently to whether this person is to be cared for at home or admitted to the hospital.
  • Provide nursing care in places other than the hospital setting and the home environment -such as schools, outpatient units, long-term care, mental health centers and the occupational setting.
  • Provide services, to both the healthy and ill members of the community, in the context of preventive community programs for health promotion and education.
  • Develop analytical and creative thinking and to apply judgment and readjustment, if necessary, to their day-to-day clinical practice, so as to continually advance as health professionals.
  • Master research procedures and develop research activities for the advancement of the Science of Nursing, leading to better quality care services with their research findings.

Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this program, the students will be able:

  • To possess a high level of theoretical knowledge, skills and the appropriate ethical attitude and as skillful professionals to provide adequate and safe individualized quality nursing care at all levels, in Primary, Secondary or Tertiary healthcare in Cyprus and abroad.
  • To promote, protect, preserve and restore the health of individuals/families and groups of people based on their personality, psychological, social and cultural characteristics.
  • To develop analytical and synthetic critical thinking, active participation in the learning process and throughout acquired theoretical knowledge and skills to improve and readapt the daily approach of the clinical act.
  • Seek the continuous upgrade of the Nursing education so as to keep up-to-date with the latest scientific developments.
  • To promote the research process and to possess research skills aiming to ensure quality care to healthy and ill human subjects at all care levels

Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities may include but are not limited to: healthcare institutions in public and private sector, hospitals, and clinics, community nursing, health centers, nursing centers, school nursing, education and research, freelance etc.

Last updated Nov 2017

About the School

European University Cyprus is actively engaged with local, regional and global partners to promote opportunities for long-term strategic research partnerships and innovative programs of study.

European University Cyprus is actively engaged with local, regional and global partners to promote opportunities for long-term strategic research partnerships and innovative programs of study. Read less