Bachelor in Physiotherapy


Program Description

The graduate in physiotherapy is qualified for a paramedical health care profession. She/he is allowed to provide treatment within preventive, diagnostic, remedial and rehabilitation care, which can be provided in medical facilities of all types, including rehabilitation institutions and specialized departments, social care facilities, spas, and sports facilities. She/he is endowed with practical skills within the full extent of physiotherapy, acts independently and uses a broad spectrum of physiotherapeutic methods, including therapeutic procedures based on physical agents. She/he is able to assess the effect of the therapy applied. The therapist is endowed with knowledge and skills that comply with the WCPT regulations.

Description of verification and evaluation criteria

The applicant is required to attach to an Application form a/letter of motivation b/ a sport doctor’s confirmation that he or she is able to study at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, c/proof of qualifications (e.g. a legalized copy of documents certifying completion of secondary education in the case of a Bachelors program, or a legalized copy of a Bachelor´s diploma in the case of a follow-up Masters degree program), d/ curriculum vitae and a letter(s) of recommendation for study, e/ internationally recognised certificate(s) proving the applicant’s English language skills. All the documents have to be officially translated to Czech or English language.

Conditions for admission

Admission to Bachelor's studies is conditioned by completed secondary education confirmed by a school-leaving certificate.

Verification method: another form
Confirmation date (of entrance exam) from: __ Until: __
Alternative date (of entrance exam): __
Medical fitness: sport physician

Medical fitness requirements

The applicants have to attach a legalized copy of documents certifying completion if secondary education (General Certificate of Education), a confirmation issued by a sports doctor that the applicant is able to study at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport where an increased physical strain is expected.

Different admission requirements in accordance with Section 49 (3).

Proof of qualifications

The applicant who completed the previous level of education at a foreign secondary school, must submit one of the following documents: a document proving that a foreign document concerning the obtainment of secondary education is generally recognized as equivalent or valid in the Czech Republic (so-called “nostrification”), or a document proving the granting of the European Baccalaureate, or a foreign document concerning a foreign secondary education completed with a “maturita” examination, if it is deemed automatically equivalent in the Czech Republic in accordance with its international agreements without any further administrative procedures (a “maturita school leaving certificate” from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, or Slovenia), or a foreign document concerning a foreign secondary education to be assessed by the faculty (for a fee of CZK 690). Detailed information about the manner of proving fulfillment of the requirement of obtainment of secondary education with a “maturita” school-leaving examination for graduates of foreign secondary schools is available on the faculty website in section: Self-financing Students (Bc and MA degree study)- The applicant must send the documents in hard copy form by post (the documents cannot be sent by email) to the address of the faculty: José Martího 31, 162 52 Praha 6 no later than on 31.7. 2019. Fee payment is made together with the payment of the fee for the admission procedure or when the applicant asks for an assessment of his foreign education in the admissions procedure.

Application notes:

Applications must be submitted online and payments must be made by 11:59:59 p.m. on 31st July 2019. Once the application has been filled in online, the Information System will generate a six-digit code for each applicant, which must be used as the specific symbol during the payment of the administrative fee. Please note that once the application has been completed, it must be submitted (by clicking on the “Send” button) in order to become valid. Applications submitted online should not be printed out and sent by post. Applicants failing to duly complete the application form or to document the payment of the application fee will be notified by the Faculty and asked to rectify the shortcomings within adequate time. In the case of failure to rectify the shortcomings within this time, the application will be deemed as invalid. The administrative fee will not be refunded.

For applicants in foreign languages, no entrance examination is required.

Last updated Dec 2018

About the School

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport is one of the seventeen faculties based on the venerable Charles University.

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport is one of the seventeen faculties based on the venerable Charles University. Read less