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FH Gesundheit - Health University of Applied Sciences Tyrol

FH Bachelor's Degree Nursing

January 21, 2019
As a certified health and nurse, you look after and care for sick and dependent people on your own responsibility. With care, you observe and monitor the health of your patients, residents or clients and support them in the activities of daily life.

Academia de Psicoanalisis

Theoretical specialization course and Psychoanalytic Practice

January 7, 2019
Sigmund Freud demonstrated, in creating the psychoanalytic doctrine, that all our behaviors, feelings and ways of relating to one another are determined by unconscious motivations unknown to ourselves, though not less powerful. Such motivations refer to the history of a subject, a story that is not expressed as a past chronologically "surpassed" but… [+] as a here and now in permanent repetition. The links that make us speaking beings, the history of which a person comes points, as a structure, a destiny for the subject. When listening to patients, we find traces of this destiny in all aspects of their reality: economic, professional, affective, sexual, as well as a deep disagreement of the person with all these things that, enigmatically, inhabit her. Wanting to know about this, position to which psychoanalysis makes place, operates a position of dignity with respect to the overwhelming character of the Other's desire. The ethics of psychoanalysis, transference through, installs a gap between what is written about me and the question itself. What do I want? How do I want to live my life? The Academy of Psychoanalysis represents, from the journey through these crossroads, a joint space of growth and limit to human discomfort. Such is the point at which research and therapy coincide. Who ignores, repeats. Who is willing to know ... who wants, has a life. [-]

Cégep de Lévis-Lauzon

Medical care

December 17, 2018
When our state of health requires it, the first professional we meet is usually a nurse. This person evaluates our state of health, decides on the procedure to follow in order to obtain a diagnosis and a treatment; She also accompanies us throughout our journey to find health.

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